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Walkin' on the bridge, I will follow that dream.

fLMdFfmmRonnie's father, Jim, had a special childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi. He grew up as the best friend of a shy child simply known as Aaron...the boy who one day turned out to be Elvis Aaron Presley. Jim tells Ronnie how he convinced him to sing on stage for the very first time while they’re traveling to Mobile, Alabama, to see an Elvis show in 1970. Today’s Elvis is not the kid Jim knew anymore, but during the performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" he recognizes in Elvis' eyes the same gaze his old pal Aaron always had. Inspired by the King, Ronnie seems on the verge of devoting himself to music.

Ten years have passed since that day, we are now in 1980 and Ronnie has become an embittered loser, fresh out of jail. The boy lives a beat existence with his buddy and roommate Woody, working odd jobs and hanging out at the local bar with its recurring cast of characters, including the grumpy "Uncle Jesse", a stout barfly with a thick dark beard and a red baseball cap steadily pulled down over his eyes.

One day, among his father's old junk, Ronnie discovers something that changes his life and entwines his destiny with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll forever.

The narration of this story develops through an easy and intuitive screenplay style, placing the reader right into the heart of the scene and along a path dotted with surprising encounters, Dixie atmosphere, suspense, emotion, fun and, of course,....great music!!!!


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